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Lower Back Pain

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Committed to Helping His patients

"Working with Charlie has been a great experience. My low back pain had been progressing for several years, and I had tried many different forms of treatment. I met Charlie at a back pain workshop, and I was impressed by his training and approach of no drugs, shots, or surgery. After just a few weeks, my back pain improved, and I was finally getting a good night's sleep. After about 2 months, I was feeling remarkably better. Charlie is very thorough and committed to helping his patients recover as quickly as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain."

- Kim Loesche


"I encountered hip pain so severe I could not walk, sleep or stand due to spinal stenosis, arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I sought relief from medical doctors, but they failed to give any solution after prescribing tests, medications, x-rays, and MRI’s. Dr. Charlie guided me within five weeks to where I am no longer in constant pain, and I am able to resume normal activities.

Dr. Charlie took the time to listen and understand my pain issues and develop a remedy plan specific to my needs. I highly recommend Dr. Charlie and his PT skills above seeking relief through medical professionals. PT is much quicker, less expensive, less stressful.”

- Harry Chamberlain

Hiking with her son again- Painfree

"I came to PT for back pain and sciatica pain. The sciatic pain was eased after some adjustment to my driving and a lesson on how the sciatic nerve sits in my body. My lower back pain would be activated by activities like hiking and doing the dishes. I learned how to chunk my activities to stop the pain before it was unbearable. The addition of exercises to strengthen my hip, back, and abdomen allow me to hike pain-free. I have integrated some easy exercise routines into my day to keep the pain from coming back and to make my body stronger.”

- Kate Weber

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