"Years of Back pain- gone in 2 months..."

"Working with Charlie has been a great experience. My low back pain had been progressing for several years, and I had tried many different forms of treatment. I met Charlie at a back pain workshop, and I was impressed by his training and approach of no drugs, shots, or surgery. After just a few weeks, my back pain improved, and I was finally getting a good night's sleep. After about 2 months, I was feeling remarkably better. Charlie is very thorough and committed to helping his patients recover as quickly as possible. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking relief from pain."

- Kim Loesche


"I encountered hip pain so severe I could not walk, sleep or stand due to spinal stenosis, arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I sought relief from medical doctors, but they failed to give any solution after prescribing tests, medications, x-rays, and MRI’s. Dr. Charlie guided me within five weeks to where I am no longer in constant pain, and I am able to resume normal activities.

Dr. Charlie took the time to listen and understand my pain issues and develop a remedy plan specific to my needs. I highly recommend Dr. Charlie and his PT skills above seeking relief through medical professionals. PT is much quicker, less expensive, less stressful.”

- Harry Chamberlain

"she had given up running, until 6 weeks later she was running faster and farther than before..."

Charlie is the man! I went in to see him after hamstring pain stopped me from running all together. I work full time and have three very busy kids and a husband who travels for work. I thought there would be no way I could pull off fitting PT into my schedule and mentally was going crazy not being able to go out for my runs. Charlie took time to educate me on my situation and gave me exercises to do at home to help build back my hamstrings. When I did have to check in with him in his office, he didn't mind that I had to bring my kids and even provided snacks. Charlie made it so that I was able to take care of myself without inconveniencing my family.​ The knowledge he provides is priceless. I have learned so much about strength training and how to properly take care of my body. Look for his face on that big sign on Ridge Pike and get in to see him ASAP!!​

- Kelly Dippolito

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