Knee Pain

Are You Tired Of Knee Pain That Is Not Going Away?

If you are ready to solve the problem that is causing your knee pain, then this is the place for you! 

​Knee pain is common... and many people will suffer from knee pain at some point in their lifetime.  The great news is... almost all knee pain can be treated- naturally... without medications, injections, or surgery.  In fact, recent research STRONGLY DISCOURAGES knee surgery, as it has been found to be no more effective than FAKE surgery or exercise therapy. The key to finding relief from your knee pain is to find the ROOT CAUSE.  Most healthcare providers are busy hunting down the SOURCE... that is- where you feel the pain.  However, most times, the cause can be somewhere else in the body... sometimes close by, other times farther away.  Rather than treating the source of the problem (which only covers up the symptoms) we look to find the root cause.  Here at Physical Therapy & Johnson, you're brought through a thorough evaluation to determine the factors that could be causing your knee pain.  Once we find the problem, treatment is aimed at correcting it-  and most people feel much better, much more quickly, than they do if receiving care at other PT practices.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain Include:

  • Meniscal Tears
  • Arthritis ("Bone On Bone")
  • Patellar Tracking Problems (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome)
  • IT Band Problems
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Fat Pad Irritation
  • Ligament Tears (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)
  • Hip Problems
  • Lower Back Problems

Watch our educational videos to learn more about natural treatment for knee pain.

Often the root cause of knee pain is either above or below... in the video below we review two common tests to help get an idea of how your hip, knee, and ankle are moving.  

Still wondering whether or not you need KNEE SURGERY? The following educational videos reveal the shocking truth about knee surgery...

Our patients are getting better results and are pain free faster! Find out how our patients are getting these surprisingly better outcomes in less visits, without surgery, and without injections! Watch the video below to learn why most knee pain treatment fails...

This is what our patients are saying about our treatment approach:


Last Monday, I re-injured my left meniscus. Sent me back to pain and limping. I lost my full range of motion again.

After my first treatment with Charlie, I knew he could help me, but what I did not expect was for him to maneuver my knee with his own hands and get me back into full motion in one session!

Once again, I am able to bend my knee all the way back and extend it 100%, too.

Charlie's talent for physical therapy is nothing short of amazing. He gives his very best in every session and pays attention as if I was his only patient. Besides an exceptional doctor, he is such a kind and caring human being.

I can't thank him enough… now I can live my life the way I was before the injury, and without surgery. Anyone who has injuries would be making a mistake not visiting this amazing doctor.”

- Andreas Aguilar


- Knoa Knapper


“When I came into PT&J, I had tremendous knee pain. I had trouble climbing stairs, getting out of my chair or even just walking. Within a few weeks of my first appointment, I had a tremendous recovery. The exercises and guidance not only got rid of my pain but also strengthened my whole exercise program. I’m more confident in my ability to train properly to prevent re-injury.

Thank you Charlie!”

- Kate McManus

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