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Dr. Charlie Johnson

My name is Dr. Charlie Johnson- physical therapist and owner of Physical Therapy & Johnson (PT&J for short). We offer a non-surgical solution for people who hate pills and are willing to do anything to avoid going under the knife.

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Kristin C.Collegeville, PA

I came to see Dr. Charlie because I was having pain in my right leg while running. He met with me and after talking, watching me run and doing some other exercises, decided to work on strengthening hip muscles and releasing my back. The exercises and stretches he had me do improved both my hip and lower back- plus I have no leg pain at all when running.

David McFarland.Schwenksville, PA

I came to see Dr. Charlie after it was recommended by another doctor that I should have an MRI done because my pain (lower back) would not go away and I was using and needing a cane to walk in order to reduce the pain. On the first visit with Dr. Charlie, I was able to walk out of his office without the need of the cane and the severity of the pain was greatly reduced. By continuing with the exercises suggested by Dr. Charlie my back pain has completely disappeared and life is back to normal without the worry of having a back operation to relieve my pain.

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