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There’s A 90% Chance You Have Sciatica If You Have These 5 Things.

Do you or someone you know have sciatica?  OR do you THINK you have it? Most people think they have sciatica- when in actually they don't. Truth is, if you're dealing with some form of back, buttock, or leg pain- there's only a 4% chance that it's caused by sciatica. Despite what you've been told (and how it seems like everybody says they have sciatica) it's actually pretty rare. Keep reading or watch my video below to learn 5 telltale signs of sciatica, including one simple 30 second self-test to confirm if you have it. 

Now, sciatica is simply an irritation of the sciatic nerve as it runs from the back, down the back of the leg, into the foot. Causes include many things like herniated discs, piriformis syndrome, and spinal stenosis. Common telltale signs that you have a problem with the sciatica nerve (sciatica) include:

1-Feelings of Numbness, Tingling, Burning, Shooting down your leg

2-And these feelings travel down your leg in a very narrow path/band (usually 1-2 inches in width that can be traced with your finger down the back of your leg).

3-And your leg pain is now worse than you back pain.

4-And you have pain below the level of the knee (maybe even into the foot).

5-Stretching the sciatic nerve is painful, limited, or uncomfortable. (watch second half of video for self movement test)

If you've got all 5 of these signs- research shows that there is a greater than 90% chance that you have sciatica as the cause of your leg pain.‚Äč

The first step to relief is to find out what triggers your back pain, numbness, or tingling and modify or tweak those things.  The next step is to use specific movements to reduce irritation on the nerve. 

If sciatica is keeping you from doing the things you love (or just keeping you up at night) give us a call at 484-552-3767 and we can help get you back to normal.

Discover The Single Most Common Cause Of Sciatica

What causes Sciatica? Well, a whole host of things… but the single most common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc. A herniated disc is the number one cause of sciatica because of where the disc is located… and how it is commonly injured.

The purpose of the disc is to act as a cushion between the bones in your spine. Commonly, herniated discs are injured by way of bending, lifting or twisting- which places a bending stress on the spine. This stress places pressure on the front of the disc- causing material inside the disc to move towards the back- putting pressure on the back wall of the disc. In many cases- only the disc is injured… but in some cases- if the disc herniates- then pressure can be placed on the nerves which exit behind the disc.

In most cases- the disc material herniates out the back and to one side… leaving you with pain numbness or tingling down one leg.

Keep in mind, while a herniated disc is the #1 Cause of sciatica- there are many other things that can cause it… be sure to consult with a physical therapist in your town for further direction if you have questions.

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