7 Tell Tale Signs Of A Herniated Disc

Do you live in Royersford, PA or the surrounding areas?  Are you sick and tired of lower back pain or sciatica? If you’re looking for back pain treatment and first-class physical therapy to help you heal naturally from your lower back pain call 484-552-3767.

You should know that the single most common cause of lower back pain and sciatica is a herniated disc.

What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc, also known as a bulging or slipped disc, occurs when the inner jelly is pushed outwards through a tear in the outer portion of the disc resulting in a bulge or herniation (kind of like when the jelly is squeezed out of a donut). They can happen in any part of the spine, but are most common in the lower back.

A herniated disc can cause dull, achy pain in the back, buttock or leg… and if large enough, may even press on nerves in the spine- causing sciatica.

In this video I share with you the 7 tell tale signs of a herniated or bulging disc. Here they are…

1. Back pain that comes and goes. Does your lower back “got out” on you every once in-a-while…then just seems to go away on its own only to return next year?
2. Central lower back pain that feels achy or stiff.
3. Sciatica down the back of the leg or wrapping around the front of the leg from the lower back. Did you know that the number one cause of sciatica is a herniated disc?
4. Pain worsens with sitting. When we sit we put pressure on the front of our disc- which causes the stuff inside the disc to move backwards and puts pressure on the disc and nerves…causing pain, numbness, or tingling.
5. Pain worsens with going from sitting to standing.
6. Pain worsens with coughing or sneezing
7. Feels better standing
There you have it- 7 tell tales signs of a herniated or bulging disc…

Now, you might be wondering… can a herniated disc heal?  Fortunately, they can!  Physical therapy is often the first line of defense (or should be) and is a wonderful and effective all natural treatment solution that helps people with herniated discs heal.

If you’re in the Royersford, PA area and are looking for a physical therapist who specializes in lower back pain treatment- call 484-552-3767

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Jaque Christo - 6 years ago

Thank you for the information on signs of a Herniated Disc. I’ve had a pain in my lower back for some time. It happens when I stand or sit suddenly and lasts for a bit before subsiding. i wonder if it could be a Herniated Disc. I will have to schedule an appointment with my doctor.

    Charlie - 6 years ago

    Hey Jaque!

    Thanks for the comment and for your support. Glad you found it helpful. Could be a herniated disc… we know that the majority of back pain is caused by problems with the disc. Where are you located? Try setting up an appointment first with a good doctor of physical therapy in your area before seeing your physician. Physical Therapists specialize in treating back pain.

Deb Pearl - 6 years ago

I didn’t know that a herniated disc was a bulging or slipped disk in the spine. Thank you for the warning signs of having one. My dad has had a lot of pain in his lower back and it hurts worse when he sits down, like you mentioned. It sounds like he might have a herniated disk.

    Charlie - 6 years ago

    Hey Deb!

    thanks for leaving the comment- and for visiting my site. Sure thing- yes, a bulging disc, slipped disc, and herniated disc are often used interchangeably… there are for sure some clear signs associated with disc problems in the lower back… not sure where you’re located.. but let me know if your dad needs help. I’d be happy to answer any questions you/he may have. Thanks again!

    Dr. Charlie


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